PRP Treatment for Neck Lift !!


What About PRP Treatment for Neck Lift

PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy can be utilized in many cosmetic procedures. It’s not new, but in recent years, it has been used with increased regularity for cosmetic and other medical-related purposes.

The medical field is very excited about PRP. Its use seems to be increasing each and every day. One of the reasons PRP therapy is becoming so popular is its simplicity and the fact that it uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to treat injuries and wounds. PRP has been proven to help rejuvenate and tighten loose, saggy skin. It has also been effective as a natural wrinkle filler.

Treatments in which the body helps to heal itself, such as PRP and stem cells, are growing in popularity. PRP can be used in conjunction with a surgical neck lift to help accelerate the healing of suture lines.