Amelan Treatment


Amelan treatment !!

Amelan treatment provides a depigmenting mask that has become an ambulant medical treatment, which eliminates or lightens

called melasma or chloasma. These spots, very unsightly and often a source of complexes,

are usually arranged all over your face: on the top lip area ("whiskers"), cheeks, forehead or chin.

, Often other techniques (laser, peels, lightening creams etc.) have been used without great success.

, which will only be shown briefly here.


In 90% of the cases there is an almost total disappearance of the treated spots. In the remaining 10% of the cases, there will be lightening of about 85%

or less in the color of the stain. It is hence possible that a slight shadow could remain in such a case.

In cases of particularly stubborn stains the patient can add a touch-up single spot (after about 1 month) and reapply the mask again (after about 3-6 months).

This amelan treatment also has an excellent effect on the rejuvenation of the skin: the skin will appear rosier,

smoother, with a significant attenuation of the micro-wrinkles. Therefore, besides the lightening effect, we can suggest this mask as a real "ANTI-AGING" facial treat